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As you open the garage door at night, the lights in the house automatically turn on to welcome you home. Touch one button by your bedside and know that all of the lights are off for the evening, and that when your little one makes a run for a midnight snack, the hallway lights will show him the way.
Control4 Dimmers and Switches easily replace existing light switches, or plug into outlets to offer complete control of your lights and electronic equipment without construction hassles. Control4 smart lighting control solutions are accessible to everyone; add more rooms and functions when it makes sense for you.

Control all the lights in your home with the touch of a button or using a Control4 touch screen, keypad, or remote control.
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Control4 Wireless Switch
The Control4 Wireless Switch brings smart lighting capabilities to any home without re-wiring for a variety of lighting and load types. Ideal for upgrading existing lights to smart lighting control.
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Control4 Outlet Switch
The Control4 Outlet Switch is an important automation tool, enabling easy control of any lamp or plug-in appliance. Ideal for extending control over a wide range of electronic devices.
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Control4 Wireless Dimmer
The Control4 Wireless Dimmer enables easy energy management and advanced lighting control for a variety of lighting and load types. Ideal for managing light levels beyond the on/off switch.
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Control4 Outlet Dimmer
Control4 Outlet Dimmers bring the power of energy management and advanced lighting control to the outlet. Ideal for managing dimmable lighting devices, like lamps.
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Control4® DIN Rail Lighting - 240V
Dimmer Module for control of 3A per circuit
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Control4® Wireless ELV Dimmer
Intelligent lighting control integrates with more energy efficient lighting.

Enjoy the benefits of smart lighting with easy-to-use, affordable Control4® Dimmers and Switches. Lower your utility bills, increase your bulb life, ease your environmental conscience, and enjoy the convenience of pre-determined, one-touch Lighting Scenes.

It’s all part of the Control4® vision. We bring the benefits of a truly automated home to more people with solutions that are affordable, easy-to-use and designed for any home or lifestyle.

Features & Benefits
• Smart Energy Management – Reduce energy waste and lower your utility bills by setting lights for maximum energy efficiency, using Motion Sensors to turn off lights in unoccupied rooms.
• Modular Solution – Start with just one outlet or switch and add more wherever you want, when it makes sense for you.
• Custom Lighting Scenes – Personalize your lights to create whatever mood you desire: gentle wake-up scenes, romantic mood lighting, darkened home theater for Friday night movies, or “welcome home” to make sure you and your family never enter a dark house again.
• Retrofittable – Turn standard light Switches and Outlets into a smart lighting solution by simply swapping out the in-wall Switches and Dimmers or plugging in outlet versions.
• Remote Management – Operate your lights from anywhere in your home or anywhere you have an Internet connection so you are always in control.
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