Control4 In-Wall Speakers
High-quality sound at an affordable price.
In-Wall Speakers (6.5" and 8")

Control4 In-Wall Speakers provide high-quality sound at an affordable price, and are Ideal for small theaters or rooms with unusually high ceilings.

Features & Benefits

  • High-performance—Enjoy the ultimate audio experience with speakers that feature: infinite baffle, 1" voice coil, polymer cone, 1" swivel silk soft dome, neodymium magnet drive, liquid cooling, open-slope composite filter engineering, and gold-plated binding posts.
  • Incredible Value—Enjoy excellent audio quality and independent room control throughout your home at an affordable price.
  • Scalable—Start small with one-room audio control and easily add more zones of music when it makes sense for you.
  • Elegant Design—This low profile, one-piece design can be custom painted to accent any decor or disappear into the background. Ideal for home theaters and rooms with high ceilings.